We started this year off with an exhibition that gathers various forms of new media experiences meant to immerse and exalt the audience through interactive hybrid experiments.

This 13th edition of One Night Gallery featured Aural Eye – a visual exploration crew that express their artistic vision through video-mapped artworks, interactive installations, generative artwork and video productions, standing at the borderline of the emerging technical options. By using digital tools, they try to reach a deeper understanding of the organic world around us, creating a visual parallel reality through algorithmic explorations.

Through their artistic interfaces the audience was rendered into a new, abstract and dynamic universe entangled with the alive and animated character of an augmented world.

The event took place at Casa Universitarilor, a monumental temple and an astounding setting for contrasting and mediating the new media art installations that it will host.

Another world that awaiting to be stepped in was an augmented space inside the house that the visitor were be able to experience through dARe by Samsung. Secret portals and 3D animated centerpieces were displayed along the way.
The exhibition was meant to be an exploration through surreal virtual layers that merge art and the latest in augmented and digital technologies.


Our Address:

Barbu Văcărescu 162-164, Bucharest, Romania