O comunitate într-o familie – Zilele Sectorului 3

Client:  City Hall District 3

One Night Gallery curated the new media art section of Zilele Sectorului 3 – O comunitate într-o familie, by bringing new artistic mediums represented by 5 lights and sounds installations exhibited in one of Bucharest’s biggest parks. 

-Spectral Self, interactive installation made by Les Ateliers Nomad, through which people are able to directly influence the elements of the composition through their movements.

-Neural Mirror, a style transfer installation, through artificial intelligence, which transposes people into the works made by Alina Marinescu, Ana Bănică and Pren. This is an in-house developed idea that alters reality and the characters, by using real-time artificial intelligence to generate new content.

-Driade, created by the RIZl studio, that gived participants the control over nature’s vibrations.

-Beeple, character imagined by the illustrator Alina Bohoru, modeled in virtual reality and oversized in real life. Also presented in Augmented Reality.

-Titans XR, inspired by the venue of the event – Titan Park Sector 3, Titan Park, and by Greek legends invited visitors to discover their legends through Augmented Reality, accessible on Instagram. 



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