The Epic Galaxy Ride

Client: SAMSUNG 

Partener: Leo Burnett

An immersive journey through the universe of Santa Claus and winter gifts

Christmas was turned into a multimedia experience at Bucharest’s biggest winter market. Together with architecture studio Rizi, 3D artist and animator Dan Pecete, video-mapping studio Aural Eye, sound designer Costas Ivanov and Agency Leo Burnett, One Night Gallery simulated a train carriage through an audio-visual experience made out of a 280 degree animation that simulated the flight of a supersonic express.. More than 1000 visitors crossed the threshold of the Express and embarked on the multimedia journey through the winter universe of gifts, aboard the Samsung Express. 

*Video credits: Leo Burnett Bucharest


Our Address:

Barbu Văcărescu 162-164, Bucharest, Romania