#RebelsWithACause eco-graffiti

Client: British American Tabacco – glo

The rebels now have a cause and that is to bring fresh air to the city. 7 murals bring Bucharest to life through

the Eco Graffiti project which supports young artists in creating graffiti murals through a fun act of rebellion that encourages freedom of expression, but also the assumed involvement in protecting the environment and the community we are part of. Curated by One Night Gallery, in partnership with the artists from Sweet Damage Crew,  for glo™, the #RebelsWithACause eco-graffiti project brought a total of around 1000 meters of walls to life through spectacular murals all over the city. This innovation is the exclusive use of eco-materials: 25% air-purifying paint, 75% ecological paint, green moss and solar-charged lamps.


  1. E viață pe net, by Radu Pandele (Sweet Damage Crew) – Calea Șerban Vodă 27b
  2. Tănăr cu experiență by Sweet Damage Crew (Pandele,Lost.Optics, Cage) – Cauzași 27
  3. Nimeni Celebru, by BIEX & SHATRAN (Sweet Damage Crew) – Bulevardul Dacia 92
  4. Singur cu tine by Lost.Optics (Sweet Damage Crew)- Calea Floreasca 28-30
  5. Filtru însuți by RECIS (Sweet Damage Crew) – Ciprian Porumbescu 14
  6. FOMO să-mi fie dor by Sweet Damage Crew (Lost.Optics, Recis, Cage) – Dimitrie Cantemir 25
  7. Love at first swipe by ILUC – Valea Ialomiței 5


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Barbu Văcărescu 162-164, Bucharest, Romania