This is Awesome Expo


Partener: Leo Burnett

Several artworks created by gen Z artists, made exclusively with the Galaxy A53 5G phone, were exhibited between May 14-22, in the 2/3 gallery, Bucharest. One Night Gallery, together with Leo Burnett and with Samsung Electronics, presented the exhibition This is a waste of time Awesome Expo, bringing to the center of the stage representatives of Generation Z who were given the necessary space to express their creativity and remove preconceptions about constantly being on the phone. 

This is a waste of time Awesome aimed to show that passions that start on the phone are not just a game, but can turn into something more, including a full-time job. Visitors could see a series of digital creations made by young artists: Ioana Petresco, Matei Bumbuț, Vlad Mihuțoiu and Valentin Popescu.

All the works displayed in the exhibition are made exclusively with the Galaxy A53 5G and express the different views of a generation that experiences almost everything in the digital environment.


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