Art is continuously adapting through the use of new technologies and new means of interaction. Now, more than ever, we can experiment and redefine ways to interconnect with art and Augmented Reality has the capacity of expanding the space for an art exhibition way beyond the physical one.

This edition of One Night Gallery was about reinventing our immersive art shows, challenging ourselves and the artist to overcome the new context through new creations and continuing to create art-shows in unconventional spaces. And it is very special for us as it is the first itinerant One Night Gallery exhibition, held outside Bucharest, in Timișoara, the artist’s hometown, on August 15th.

The location chosen to set-up Alina’s artworks was both iconic and astounding – the Corneliu Miklosi Museum, that will soon become MultipleXity, Romania’s first new media art, technology and cultural centre.


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