As we temporarily redefine the way we interact with one another and our surroundings, we also adapt to new contexts and means of exploring our habits.
These new life perspectives have driven us to reinvent the concept of our immersive art-shows and outline the 14th edition of One Night Gallery based on re-inhabiting our city and, at the same time, maintaining social safety measurements.

On June 20th & 21st One Night Gallery Love Alina Bohoru exhibition redesigned part of the city centre and become an Art City Tour.
The exhibition will be showcased in 13 different places using only glass windows, building facades and terraces as exhibition spaces.

Alina is a passionate illustrator, character designer, part time animator and occasional muralist who is originally from Timișoara but now lives and works in Bucharest.
Her work consisted at first of traditional illustrations but has gradually shifted more and more towards the digital.
The synergy between Alina Bohoru’s constant curiosity towards new mediums and One Night Gallery’s mission to innovate in the new media art scene has created a surreal overlay of fantastic eye candy characters.

The journey: Artichoke Social House (Style transfer installations, powered by AI), Athénée Palace Hilton (Gucci Store – animations by Dragos Botcau, video-mapping/ available only during the evenings), Bar A1 (Paste-Up Artwork & Absolut hot spot ), BCR Oscar Maugsch Palace (AR Illustration, George Reinterpretation), Galeria 1001 Arte & Fundația Ana pentru Cultură și Artă and Berăria Zăganu (Interactive Installation and artwork powered by glo, collaborative project with Aural Eye) FRU FRU Amzei & FRU FRU Victoriei – Work out your optimism Characters, M60 Café, Spatiul M60 (Illustration exhibition & Absolut Hotspot), Modul Carturești & Magazinul Muzica (Illustrations exhibitions), Palatul Știrbei – Grădina Eden – (inflatable installation by George).

The main characters are a dynamic duo created from scratch by Alina in Virtual Reality and derived by One Night Gallery in Augmented Reality. The AR filters will be available on One Night Gallery’s Instagram page soon.
The exhibition will include Alina’s artworks showcased in different places, interactive installations, video-mapping and a giant character taking over the facade of the architectural landmark Palatul Știrbei.

In addition, the public was transformed in an abstract artwork of the artist through the use of style transfer powered by AI, that people were able to see on Facebook. For one hour, through a live video stream visitors present at some of the exhibitional spaces were reunited in one online window, making them part of the exhibition.


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Barbu Văcărescu 162-164, Bucharest, Romania