Full Spectrum Experience

Client: British American Tabacco – KENT

Women have been told their entire lives who they are and how they should act. The extent to which women feel safe and confident in expressing themselves, in words and actions, in appearance, and in the positions they take, can be used to ascertain society’s progress.

This is why we collaborated with local artists to help convey the experience of femininity as a spectrum of complex, multifaceted forms of expression. Photography, illustration, art installation, and video merged into a multisensory experience. We combined the artworks to create a mixed-media piece. The Launch event had over 400 participants (entrepreneurs, artists, creators and media people) where the artworks were subject of an auction for ANAIS, one of the most active organizations in the field of promotion, respect and defense of women’s rights in Romania. In total, more than 2500 people crossed the treshghold of Galeria Senat. 

The featured artists on the Full Spectrum Experience:Raluca Ciornea – photography

-Felicia Simion – photography

-Ștefan Radu Crețu – sculpture

-Misha Diaconu – sculpture

-Wanda Hutira – illustration

-Alex Nimurad – illustration

-Rizi – immersive art installation & exhibition design

-Tammy Lovin – digital art

-Adina Grapa – fashion

-Contemporia – jewelry


Our Address:

Barbu Văcărescu 162-164, Bucharest, Romania