Spotlight 2022 & 2023

Client: ARCUB – Bucharest City Hall

With over 100,000 participants, Spotlight Festival is Romania’s biggest outdoor event dedicated to multimedia experiences. The Capital City Hall, through ARCUB – the Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Bucharest, invited One Night Gallery to curate and present immersive installations and new media art experiences during the 6th and 7th editions of Spotlight. 

-Architectural video-mapping show presented by glo X2 Hyper, on the facade of the Novotel Hotel. Created by Les Ateliers Nomad

-Human Head The central element of the first collection of NFTs launched by is an interactive video-mapping installation that illustrates the symbiosis between humans and artificial intelligence with the aim of not remembering the most important technology invented in our history. Created by & video-mapping Les Ateliers Nomad

-Luminativ a light installation inspired by the organic environment, nature, celestial objects or fragments of sacred geometry. The traditional motif is an abstract representation, an illustration full of symmetry and iteration. Created by NoiseLoop Studio

-BestiAR – Folklore Beasts is an AR Experience that brings back to life mythological creatures as 3D filters for Instagram in a manner adapted to current realities and molded to the new mediums that are part of urban culture. The filters are created by Alex Dohotaru, Augmented Space Agency, Irina Bako, Reniform and Dan Pecete.

-Urban Garden – Light Sculpture created by Misha Diaconu meant to present an oasis of nature in the center of Bucharest, with the aim of raising awareness of the impact that each person has in society on the fragile balance between nature and urban life.

-Liminal Space, created by Albert Kaan – light installation presenting the condition of transition, a void in which one’s form or identity is undefined. It can be transition, a state of existence between certainties, between forms and realities.


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Barbu Văcărescu 162-164, Bucharest, Romania